"IESHIA" Named Spokesperson for "HYPE" App by Harbor House Foundation


Contact: Anthony Thomas (405) 215-7263    itmusicgroupllc@gmail.com

Oklahoma City: September 8, 2015  - “IESHIA”, the fresh young female artist from Oklahoma City with music dominating the air waves across Urban, Rhythmic, and Top 40 charts in the Top 200 National Billboard has just been named as the “HYPE” App spokesperson. 

“HYPE: Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence”, is a youth centered program that is dedicated to empowering teens to live life on purpose, with purpose. H.Y.P.E. focuses on the three foundational character components of purpose, self-worth, and respect.


Their slogan for teens states, ‘I Control My Destiny’ with a play on the letters, I-C-O-N. The “HYPE” App, which can be downloaded by texting ICON to 95577, allows teenagers to locate resources regardless of where they are in Oklahoma City. Teens will have access to agencies that provide free food, medical care, mental health services and much more. 

“I can’t say how amazing it is to be named the spokesperson for HYPE! In fact, I am hyped up about being a HYPE Icon. It is so closely aligned with my personal goals that it is a perfect fit for me.  I never expected this, I just work hard and do my best. I love it and I am so thankful,” says IESHIA.

“It’s just awesome. I am never at a loss for words, but the only word I can think of is awesome,” stated Mr. Jones, founder of the Harbor House Foundation, regarding IESHIA’s commitment to the project. 

 “IESHIA isn’t the normal artist you find looking to make it rich and get famous,” her father and manager, Anthony Thomas says. “She is completely self-less and I think that is why so many entities gravitate to her. She is very humble and very intelligent. I know that even if I am not around, she is going to make the right choice… the moral choice, and that is a great feeling to have. She is ready for leadership and HYPE is the perfect avenue for her to grow.”

IESHIA has a chart-topping collaborative work with none other than Snoop Dogg entitled ‘JAM’ her second single. 
“I am determined to be a positive influence for young people everywhere. I have a standard regarding my lyrics, dress and attitude that I refuse to compromise. I can only imagine it helps but regardless, I will stand unwaveringly behind my beliefs” IESHIA says firmly. 

IESHIA is currently performing in public schools across the state helping to celebrate the return of the school year and hopes to do so across the nation. Becoming the icon behind the “HYPE” app has certainly helped. 


For more information please visit IESHIAimg.com. For booking or sales, please contact IT Music Group at itmusicgroupllc@gmail.com. For media inquiries, contact Anthony Thomas at itmusicgroupllc@gmail.com or (405) 215-7263. For more information about HYPE, visit http://theharborhouse.org/hype/#sthash.oOdrMm6u.dpbs. For more information about Harbor House Foundation, visit http://theharborhouse.org